There is no cure for endometriosis.

There are, however, some effective treatment options that may lessen your symptoms or cause them to subside entirely for all intents and purposes.

Hormone-based Therapy

-oral contraceptives

– progestin therapy

– GnHR agonist with add-back therapy

Pain Management

– OTC Pain Relief

– Prescription Pain Relievers – Non-Narcotic

– Prescription Pain Relievers – Narcotic


Surgical Intervention

– Conservative Surgery

– Laparoscopic excision

– Definitive Surgery

– Hysterectomy


Alternative Treatments

– Acupuncture

– Pelvic physiotherapy

– Herbal supplements

As well, certain lifestyle changes can work in complement with traditional and alternative treatment options to help mitigate pain and other symptoms. These are things such as:



Meditation/Mindfulness Practice

Changes to Sexual Activity

This page is under construction. Check back soon for updates!

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