Customer Feedback


We love receiving feedback on our jewelry, and it’s great to hear when a customer was happy with their purchase. Given the nature of what we do, we also receive some very personal stories that at times, break our hearts, and at other times, have us crying tears of joy. We are always incredibly touched with the kind words and amazing stories we receive, and it inspires and encourages us to continue to keep doing what we do: hand-crafting unique, meaningful pieces and advocating for endometriosis sufferers and those struggling with other women’s health issues!

Note: these quotes have been left anonymous due to the sensitive nature of the content.


“It arrived the night before our gift exchange! Perfect timing! And wow…she LOVED it! I wish I could have captured her face when she read the story/cause and saw the necklace. She was beaming. For an OB/GYN instructor, she kept getting gift cards and coffee mugs…then BAM, awesome necklace with meaning. She was floored. Thank you, again. I was so happy to have ordered this. Great job!” 
“Just wanted to let you know the piece was absolutely beautiful, and she loved it!!!! Thank you so much!”

“Thank you very much for the help. I love my bracelet.”


“I read your story and soo feel you..i was just diagnosd with MS while back. Its a struggle that ill fight with all i have inside and out! Very much like 2-3 of your bracelets and we ll talk soon, hav nice day..”
“Hi Courtney, Firstly just wanted to say i read your story in the Star and thank you for sharing your journey with this frustrating disease. I too an endo warrior from Toronto…”


“Courtney, it looks so gorgeous! I am absolutely thrilled with how it turned out. And it’s just totally *me.* You rock! I will most definitely send you a picture of how it looks on me when I get it in the mail. Thank you so so much!”

“Also, as someone who dealt w the pain and suffering of endometriosis for decades, I wanted to thank you for the great name of your shop and in raising awareness and funds for this debilitating disease!”

“Love your jewelry! Love your blog! I think it is pretty awesome that you are putting yourself out there to create awareness for such a good cause.” 

“I am buying this necklace as gift for my surgeon / gynaecologist having just had an ovary removed due to an endometrioma cyst 2 years after a hysterectomy. I love the jewellery and the awareness you are bringing! I was undiagnosed from age 16 until 39 and spent that entire time thinking I was nuts and just couldn’t tolerate pain as well as everyone else as I thought I must have been experiencing ‘the norm’. Keep up the good work!”

“Simply amazing! Beautiful and meaningful…you can’t go wrong!”
“Simple, but elegant and beautifully made!”

Special Requests

Sometimes we review special requests from customers, and we are only too happy to make them happen if we can! Here are some examples of requests that we were were able to help out with!

” am interested in a pair of your earrings as a gift for a friend of mine. She recently gave birth to her first baby after struggling with PCOS for quite some time and is turning 30 in a couple of weeks so I thought she might appreciate your line of jewellery. I was wondering if you would be able to make a pair of your wire wrapped earrings with the opaque stud in teal, the PCOS awareness colour.” 

“I have a special request…I have a friend who after years of suffering from Stage III Endometrosis and Adenomyosis, multiple surgeries and two chemical pregnancies found out she was pregnant this month. Sadly this weekend she lost her baby at 6 weeks. I want to send her something that has special meaning and I think your jewelry is just wonderful and I love that you are giving back and advocating for better care for those with endometriosis (I have endo myself as well). Do you think you could help me out with that? I would like to send it to her soon with some kind of card or message…”