Charm, Crystal and Bead Options


As we specialize in custom pieces, we are often asked about what charms are available for our bracelets. Below is a photo guide of the charms we normally stock. All charms are solid Sterling silver or 18K gold vermiel. If you would like a custom piece with a charm you see below (or one that you don’t see!), please contact us.

a. matte gold lotus;  b. shiny silver lotus;  c. oxidized silver lotus

d. matte gold Om/Ohm/Aum;  e. shiny silver Om;  f. oxidized silver Om

g. matte gold large heart;  h. shiny silver large heart;  i. matte gold arrow;  j. oxidized silver arrow

k. matte gold “Mom”;  l. oxidized silver “Mom”;  m. shiny gold feather;   n. shiny silver feather

o. matte gold “karma”;  p. oxidized silver “karma”;  q. shiny gold cutout heart;  r. shiny silver cutout heart

Swarovski Crystal Elements

Guide to Swarovski crystal colours currently available for our necklaces and earrings:

*Please note that the centre stone for our InUtero necklaces, the Swarovski briolette, is only available in a limited selection of colours, all of which we currently stock. We also carry a natural rose quartz briolette.

Available  but not pictured: 

  • White glass pearl – side stone and earring
  • Red coral – side stone
  • Dark sapphire – side stone


We carry a wide variety of glass and gemstone beads, and our selection is always being updated based on the season, the latest trends, and our customers’ requests. We use only the highest quality of glass beads, including Czech glass, a high quality, solid-colour pressed type of bead. Our recycled glass beads are high quality, eco-friendly and go through a lengthy tumbling process to give them a frosted, lightly pitted appearance. Our gemstone beads range from AAA-C in quality, containing minimal abnormalities and inclusions.  Here is a sampling of what we typically stock: 

 6mm is our most popular size, and is used for most women’s bracelets and earrings. The top half of the photo shows 6mm smooth round Czech glass beads, with the farthest right strand being 8mm blue sandstone. We also carry a variety of faceted Czech glass beads in 6mm. The bottom photo shows 6mm recycled glass beads, with the far right  black strand being 8mm.

  A variety of semi-precious gemstone beads in various sizes. From left: amethyst (7mm), rose quartz, clear quartz, new jade, fancy jasper, antique jade, orange quartz and Russian jade (6mm), Russian jade, crackle black agate (8mm), black lava stone (10mm).

 A variety of 4mm beads we carry, used in bracelets and anklets. Most of the 4mm beads shown here are Czech glass, however the two on the far left are semi-precious stones, and the ones next to the gold strand near the centre are wood.

If you have questions or would like to request a specific bead type, colour or size, please contact us and we will be happy to work with you!