ShopEco Aromatherapy Bracelet Benefitting Save Ojibway

Monday Morning Inspiration and Exciting News! 
BIG NEWS!!! When you purchase a ShopEco Aromatherapy Bracelet by Splendometria Jewelry Co., ShopEco and Splendometria Jewelry Co. will each donate $2 per bracelet, for a combined total DONATION of $4 PER BRACELET directly to SAVE OJIBWAY!!! 
Made from emerald recycled glass beads and a golden honeybee talisman, this unique bracelet features an absorbent natural lava bead at the pulse point, allowing you to anoint it with a few drops of your favourite essential oil that will diffuse throughout the day! 
The honeybee is symbol of love, communication, hard work, overcoming the impossible, fertility, and is a reminder to savour the sweetness of life! Quite fitting in the context of the fight to save Ojibway, which is home to a rich diversity of ecologically important insects, including the honeybee!
Men’s style also available.
Pick up your own OFFICIAL Save Ojibway ShopEco Aromatherapy Bracelet exclusively at ShopEco today and help support this worthy local cause! #BeeGreen4Ojibway

Men’s style also available.

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