So many exciting updates!!

There has been so much going on, so my apologies for not updating the site in a while! Here is a preview of the exciting things that have been going on lately: 

– March is Endometriosis Awareness Month as many of you know! Yellow is the colour of the Endometriosis Awareness ribbon, and Splendometria Jewelry Co. has some special new pieces in honour of this which you can see here: 

– donations from jewelry sales have been made to the Shirley E. Greenberg Centre for Women’s Health, and to the Canadian Foundation for Women’s Health – Research Fund!  Stay tuned for updates on our “Donations” page 

–  Splendomtria Jewelry Co. received coverage in our local newspaper, the Windsor Star! Read the story here:

– Yesterday, Friday, March 6, I had laparoscopic excision surgery for my endometriosis in Ottawa! I’m still recovering, but it seemed to go fairly well. Watch our my upcoming posts about my surgery and recovery! 

Thanks for your support, it keeps me motivated to keep doing what I’m doing! 

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